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Weighting Baits

scanned 35mm picture by Jomusky

My brother came up with this one. We call it a Double Weighted 10" Suick. We add a Jomusky Weight to a weighted 10" Suick. When you don't want it so deep all you do is unscrew the weight, or to go deeper just screw in a heavier weight. How many 10" Suicks do you think fish have seen at 8' down? Only thing is, throwing these all day takes a toll on you. Are you tough enough? Here is the page to get your hands on some.

scanned 35mm picture by Jomusky

Here is a modification which really helps out a Tally Wacker. Put a small weight, usually 5/16 ounce, in the nose of the bait. The weight makes the lure less bouyant and allows the tail to make more noise. I remove both the front hook hangers and screw just one long screw eye in place. Then cover the old holes with 5 minute epoxy. Notice how the tail is bent. It takes some practice to get it right but when you do it makes a loud popping noise and the fish go nuts.

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