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How to Sharpen Hooks

scanned 35mm picture by Jomusky

If your hooks are not needle sharp, you will miss and loose fish.
I start by using a sharp small fine flat file on the outside of the hook point. Hold the hook shank firmly so the files do not chatter.

scanned 35mm picture by Jomusky

Then sharpen the sides of the point with a good double round style sharpener.
I perfer to make my own out of 2) 1/8" Round Nicholson Chain Saw files, contact me if you would like me to build you one or more.
For a retail sharpener, I like the ones by Smitty Tackle the best. It should only take a few strokes to have needle sharp hooks. If the point gets worn to far back replace the hook with a new one. Hooks are cheap and not worth loosing a fish over.

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