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scanned 35mm picture taken by Jomusky July 2000

Tim with a sweet 46 inch LOTW Fish.

scanned 35mm picture taken July 2000 by Tim

This is pig 45 inch LOTW fish. 2001 was a very good year for us on LOTW, and always we stay at Sunset Cove Camp Sabaskong Bay, an awesome, musky focused resort.

scanned 35mm picture taken July 2001 by Jomusky

Tim's 46, as always released to bite another day!

scanned 35mm picture taken August 2001 by Jomusky

Leonard with a 41 inch Big Chip top water fatty!

scanned 35mm picture taken May 2002 by GregM

A nice way to start the 2002 season out. One of 3 fish we caught Memorial Day weekend.

scanned 35mm picture taken May 2002 by Jomusky

Another Memorial Day weekend fish. A 45 inch slob, Greg Morse's largest to date.

scanned 35mm picture taken June 2002 by my Dad Tom

A nice lake Minoqua 36 incher I caught on a 10 inch suick, during the Fathers Day Tournament. Only one of three muskies caught during the tourney.

a scanned 35mm taken July 2002 by Jomusky

Greg with a 42 inch 2002' LOTW fish.

digital picture taken Summer of 1999 by Doug

Musky fishing is not just about catching fish. Views like this one make unsuccessful days just as worth it!

scanned 35mm picture taken May 2002 by Greg

Bonus fish, such as this 19 inch Bucket Mouth are always a nice suprise.

scanned 35mm picture taken July 2001 by Tim

Another bonus fish, a 34 inch LOTW pike. These babies sure put up a nice fight.

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