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H2O Tackle

The X-Glide - click image to see video The Ripper - click image to see video

click the pictures to see Windows Media Player video of the lures

Roger Watter's H2O Tackle produces four different baits:

The X-Glide is a unique glide bait an awesome silhouette. The control you
can impart is amazing, it can easily be twitched around weed cover.
The amazing action and huge amount of water displacement imparted by it's action says EAT ME MUSKY all over it!

The Ripper is a unique jerkbait with a lexan nose to prevent finish chipping from rocks.
It has an action like a suick but with a more pronounced side to side action and wiggle.

Da Ratt is a top water like no other. It has the wobble of a Hawg Wobbler, the tail of a Snoodle, the silhouette of a "Rat" and a trailing "stinger hook" for those infamous short biters. A must have to round out your top water arsenal. Quicktime Video

The Nitro a perfectly weighted glider with an unbelievable belly roll. My favorite H2O Tackle lure! Quicktime Video

All of H2O Tackle's baits are made from very tough components, including:
Extra Strong Split Rings, 0.092 S.S. heavy screw eyes, wide bend hooks,
and multiple coatings of a super tough clear finish.
Oh ya, the paint jobs are a work of art too!

Learn more about these baits and see all the colors at Roger's new web site:

If you wish to place an order or have any questions, Roger's email address is:

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