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Broken Cherry's

This is my favorite trophy page!
These are pictures of first legal muskys
I find it very satisfying to break a rookie's cherry
It is beter then hooking one myself!

scanned 35mm picture taken by Jomusky

My beautiful wife Anmarie with her first! A Vilas 39 incher that smashed a top water her first cast on the spot.

scanned 35mm picture taken by Jomusky

My good buddy Geno with his first. A Forest County 40 incher on a Zara Spook! This fish was caught Memorial Day weekend

scanned 35mm picture taken July 2000 by Jomusky

My good fishing buddy Leonardo de Muskyo with a LOTW 42 incher! On the way up to LOTW I told him he was going to catch his first musky that week, he caught three!!!

scanned 35mm picture taken October 2000 by Jomusky  

My brother-in-law Sponge with his first, a Vilas County 40 incher! He boated this beauty October 7, 2000 on a quickstrike rigged sucker. That morning we had nasty on and off blizard conditions but the muskys could care less. That weekend was my up-north bachelor party. What a way to welcome him to the Jomusky family!

scanned 35mm picture taken by Jomusky, 2002

It sure is great to take friends out and get them their first legal, especially on topwater! This is Chris, another good friend of mine. Hopefully he will come fishing more after this. We had action from 9 fish that day and this was the largest.

Digital picture taken October 2004 by Jomusky  

My very good friend Ed Casper with his first,
a 38.5" musky which won the C & R Club fall outing too! He has been fishing with me many times and I finally broke his cherry.
Now he has to call me Jomusky.

Digital picture by Jomusky

I traded fishing trips with Dave, he took me Steelhead fishing with a fly rod and we did very well with a 33" female the largest. Then I take him out for musky and he caught this 49" pig in the first hour. It was only his forth day musky fishing ever.
I believe in beginners luck, how about you? What a way to break a cherry!
Now he is asking about what kind of gear he needs to buy.
I think he got bit.

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