Jomusky Logo, Artist Rodd Umlauf
Basement Baits

This is information about small time bait companies
Most are just hobbies of individuals who make them in their basement
If you'd like me to add any please contact me!

Jomusky's Lure Weight Set

H2O Tackle, maker of the X-Glide and Ripper

Todd Minor's TM Tails, great rubbertail "bucktails"

7 inch Walleye pattern TwitcherInformation about TR's bait line up

Jake Shinderle's Baits

Eric Larson's basement baits, the Rubberhairy and others

Jimmy Bait Co. maker of the Jimmy Bait

Snowcrest Lure Mfg. maker of Esox Destroyer Bucktails

Joe Weiss's bucktail, the Monster Muskie Bait

Lunker Bait Company Logo Gary Heck's Lunker Bait Company

Muskynightmare Logo Rob Peterson's Muskynightmare Custom Muskybaits

Jed Volkman's Bikini Bait Company

Jim Slivinski "The Beav", maker of the Castor

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