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America's armed forces fight for our freedom. Our freedom of speech, to bear arms, to musky fish, and to leave the country if your not happy with what America is doing!

Release pictures are definetly my favorite

If I or she should chance to be,
Involved in this affair,
He trusts in you to set them free,
Exactly as we were

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
the White Rabbit Verses

Musky Fishing is a very difficult sport to consistently obtain successful results. Yet, it is mostly this challenging factor which makes the endeavor incredibly appealing to so many. It is so much more then just fishing. The musky is the highest-ranking hunter in the lake. A musky fisherman is the hunter of the hunter. It is unlike deer hunting in that a deer is not a predator.

Many other factors add to the enjoyment of the hunt. One, which I have high regards for, is the opportunity to observe so much of our great outdoors. I find it all enjoyable, from the eagles and osprey to the summer thunderstorms and fall snowstorms. It is amazing the tranquility one can find on the water. Sharing fishing time with a loved one can mean more then words can express. I, also, relish all the wonderful people I meet in this pursuit and of these, the priceless friendships acquired.

Cheerish yesterday, Dream tomorrow, Fish today

~ Joe Junion ~

"If you are too busy to go fishing, then you are too busy!"

~ Marv "Bwana" Elliott ~

My heaviest so second 50 incher, caught in the spring of 2007 on a new bait called the Sewer Lure by Morning Wood Tackle. Yes I did cut my hair. is brought to you in part by these fine sponsors:

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What did the musky say when it ran into the brick wall?

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